Jun 20, 2012

OIG All Over The Place

An e-mail I received from Social Security's Office of Inspector General (I had signed up to receive notification of newly posted audit reports.):
Like us. Follow us. Watch us.
The SSA Office of the Inspector General recently launched its Facebook and Twitter pages and its YouTube channel. 
We’ll regularly update the Facebook page with OIG happenings and activities, and we plan to post daily Twitter updates as audit reports, investigation summaries, fraud alerts, new releases, and other reviews roll through the office. Inspector General Patrick P. O’Carroll, Jr., even sent his first tweet last week. Let us know what you think of the accounts, and please recommend the pages to any interested friends.
We’ve also stocked the YouTube channel with a collection of OIG-related videos, including a brand-new, OIG-produced public service announcement, “Protecting Personal Information.”
Connect with the OIG through the following links: 
The SSA Office of the Inspector General Facebook Page
@TheSSAOIG on Twitter
The SSA Office of the Inspector General YouTube Channel


Anonymous said...

Can you say "somebody has too much time on their hands?"

Anonymous said...

To Anon 9:47:

Why so cynical? Most people who have never dealt with SSA might not even not what OIG is. Even if this can raise a small level of awareness it is a good idea. Perhaps, people will contact OIG to report fraud they know is going on. SSA is a massive government agency and it certainly cannot hurt to advise the public what it is trying to do to boost integrity. Especially, given this time of supposed fiscal concern, this seems very appropriate. Maybe you don't care that some people abuse government funds that you probably have paid into, but I certainly do.