Jun 14, 2012

Social Security Awards $233 Million Telecommunications Order To Century Link -- Largest Such Order Ever Awarded By The Federal Government

From a press release:
CenturyLink, Inc. (CTL) recently won a $233 million task order to provide primary managed data networking services over the next five years to the Social Security Administration (SSA) under the Networx Universal contract. The General Services Administration's Networx program is the largest telecommunications contract vehicle ever awarded by the federal government. 

CenturyLink will provide network infrastructure for data, video and voice services to the SSA, which has more than 62,000 employees worldwide.  As the primary service provider, CenturyLink will help SSA drive the pace for the transition from the current providers to the new service providers.
In this capacity, CenturyLink will serve all SSA data centers, regional offices, program service centers, remote operations communications centers and more than 1,500 field office locations around the world. Under the task order, CenturyLink will also provide management and implementation support and lifecycle engineering. 
SSA had previously awarded a broad voice services task order to Qwest, which was acquired by CenturyLink, in 2008. The services that CenturyLink provides under the 2008 award help SSA with everything from internal communications and collaboration via audio conferencing to lowering its disability case hearing backlog via video conferencing.


Anonymous said...

And still unable to do anything until we find the paper folder....argh

Anonymous said...

There are very few paper folders and even those should be made paperless - it's quick and easy - but for God-only-knows-what reason certain type of cases are still handled the old way. Old habits die hard. The same applies to some resisting VTC hearings. But I better stop here before I start an avalanche of comments...

Anonymous said...

The agency's resistance to going paperless is insane. I'm a relatively new employee with less than two years on and I find it extremely frustrating. For instance, I do not work in a "prototype state" so any medical CDR I do must have a paper folder sent to DDS. Even if the prior folder is electronic, I must create a folder with the CDR forms and a flag saying the prior folder is electronic to send to DDS! Its absurd. I really want to what genius needs states to be tested out as prototype states before switching from paper to electronic. Its pointless.