Jun 13, 2012

Many Listings Extended Without Change, Including Mental Disorders

     Social Security is extending without change the following listings of impairments:
  • Growth Impairment 100.00
  • Musculoskeletal System 1.00 and 101.00
  • Respiratory System 3.00 and 103.00
  • Cardiovascular System 4.00 and 104.00
  • Digestive System 5.00 and 105.00
  • Hematological Disorders 7.00 and 107.00
  • Skin Disorders 8.00 and 108.00
  • Neurological 11.00 and 111.00
  • Mental Disorders 12.00 and 112.00
     Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue has twice tried to amend the mental disorders listings. Not long before the 2008 election, Astrue received approval from the Bush Administration to publish a proposed new Listing. Astrue did not promptly send the proposal to the Federal Register for publication as is normally the case. I think it would have been published if McCain had won that election. With Obama winning, the 2008 proposal was shelved.  There is no way of knowing what was in the 2008 proposal but I doubt that I would have liked it. In 2010, Astrue received Obama Administration approval for new proposed mental impairment listings. The proposal was controversial and Social Security had to issue a "clarification." In theory, despite the notice in today's Federal Register, Social Security could attempt to get Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval for the mental impairment listings proposal made in 2010. Due to the length of time that has passed and the proximity to the election, I doubt that will happen. If it were submitted to OMB today, it probably wouldn't be acted upon until September. It's just too late to do before the election, considering that it would be controversial.

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