Jul 5, 2012

Cashing A Dead Woman's Checks For 26 Years

     From Huffington Post  :
Willie Mae Shaughnesy died in 1984, according to Texas state records. But that didn't stop the government from sending her Social Security checks, and allegedly, it didn't stop her son from cashing them. 
Last week, a U.S. attorney in southeast Texas charged Kline Fisher Budd, an 80-year-old man believed to be Shaughnesy's son, with theft of government property  . ...

The whole thing began to unravel in 2010 when someone at the Social Security Administration decided to check up on Shaughnesy after noticing that she would have been more than 104 years old at that point. By then, according to the U.S. attorney's office, the SSA had paid more than $231,000   into Shaughnesy's account following her death.

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Anonymous said...

Congress should never have eliminated paying the Lump Sum to funeral homes. Could be an incentive payment like is now being done to law enforcement who report incarcerations. Would just cost an occasional $255 and would be another way information could be obtained.