Jul 24, 2012

Those Who Want To Cut Social Security Never Let Up

     Dean Baker writing at FDL warns that corporate executives are working behind the scenes to pressure Congress into accepting a budget deal that would include cuts to Social Security and Medicare.


Anonymous said...

come on Charles--FDL is FireDogLake, a pure left-wing blog, whose followers are card-carrying, torch-and-pitchfork wielding, Occupiers. Don't take my word for it, readers--click on the link. Craziness reigns.

Anonymous said...

FireDogLake picked up Dean Baker's blog entry from his website. Please don't try pooh-poohing the substance based on where it appeared. Baker is one sharp cookie. Discuss the substance, if you want to make some point.

Don Levit said...

Substance, okay.
Social Security and Medicare contribute to the deficit to the extent the cash outflow exceeds the cash income.
Don Levit