Aug 17, 2012

Dayton Backlogs Draw Senator's Attention

     From the Dayton Daily News:
U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown’s state director met in Columbus on Wednesday with regional officials from the Social Security Administration to discuss how to reduce the local backlog of appeals for disability benefits, following a Dayton Daily News story on processing delays.
In a July 30 article, the Daily News reported that the Social Security Administration’s Dayton hearing office in the last two fiscal years was the second slowest in the nation for processing appeals for benefits. Even though the office has improved wait times — this year it has not ranked among the 20 slowest in the country — Brown said more must be done to reduce the delays further.


Bad Faith Insurance said...

Well, it was about time

Anonymous said...

Well, Delphi, GM and NCR packed it in and left as well as a lot of jobs at MetLife and AT&T over the past few years. Kind of stands to reason there would be a lot of workers' who "shouldered through" the pain to continue to work instead of filing for disability.