Aug 11, 2012

The Ryan Plan On Social Security

     Paul Ryan's budget plan would:
  • Means test Social Security
  • Raise full retirement age to 70
  • Allow workers the right to divert one-third of their F.I.C.A. taxes to optional private Social Security accounts
  • Alter the way in which average wages are computed for determining the Primary Insurance Amount (PIA), the amount one receives upon retirement, in such a way as to reduce benefits for all but the lowest wage workers


Anonymous said...

Wondered how long it would take you take a swing at Ryan. Was Romney even off the TV making the announcement before you posted this. Best case, Romney elected and has a heart attack.

Romney already in pocket of Neocons and Israel to start war with Iran. Hate to say it, but reelecting Barry might be the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

Best possible choice to ensure a win for Obama. I'm sure the seniors are dying to elect this guy.

Good going Mitt!

(Whistling Sarcasm) Didn't Ryan get raised on SSDI funds?

Anonymous said...

It is funny how Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney wish to cut federal benefits and entitlement programs but yet want to cut taxes on the rich. The solution is to change the tax code where 40% of the public does not pay taxes and eliminate the tax cuts of President Bush.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the public knows that Paul Ryan received Social Security survivors benefits when he was 16 to attend Miami University (Ohio) . Paul Ryan should be fighting for the SSA program since he benefited like millions of other individuals. Shame on him!

Anonymous said...

Obama reduced the FICA tax by one-third for the past two years so people could just spend the money. And you're criticizing Ryan?? What's the Dems plan ?? ?? ???
still waiting

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Ryan's bi-partisan plan. The first and the fourth should please the Dem's, and the 2nd and 3rd should make the R's happy. Sounds like the 1983 compromise. Each side wins a little, and loses a little for the betterment of all. You'd have to be an idiot to think one party is going to get all they want.

R Hayes said...

Here is the real issue: getting out the uninformed and neo-conservative base for the Congressional elections. With Ryan on the ticket, even a losing ticket, Obama is faced with a House and Senate he cannot work with for progress. These people are hell-bent on raiding the Trust Fund for the rich. They don't believe in a future for Social Security and the want to have the votes in Congress in both houses to dismantle it. The Romney-Ryan ticket has one purpose and one purpose only. To capture the Senate as well as secure the House. No one care if Mitt is President.

DF Lickiss said...

How many of the critics (and proponents) have actually read the plan? Guessing by the above statements, darn few. Are not attorney's expected to be well informed counselors rather than just political hacks when it comes to assessing their client's case?

Our social safety net is badly frayed b/c we have neglected it and failed to adapt it to a changing world and now if someone even proposes attempting to fix it, rather than work with that person and correct the bad parts of the plan, it seems preferable to attack and score political points while the safety net continues to weaken. Not exactly the sort of behavior I expected of lawyers when I started law school a couple years ago.

Anonymous said...

I think they should re-think means testing. If you think the Social Security offices are crowded now, can you imagine the haggling about Social Security checks, like we see with the SSI people? Why are you cutting my check? I want to file an appeal. Scary thought indeed to make it like a welfare check. I should be retiring soon, the place is starting to scare me nowadays. I get anxiety just thinking about going to work now.