Feb 7, 2013

Obama Social Security Number Craziness Continues

     If you thought the birther litigation about President Obama's allegedly stolen Social Security number was over after the President decisively won a second term, you'd be wrong. I don't think the completion of Obama's second term will stop this nuttiness. A court in the state of Washington has recently fined one of the birthers almost $13,000 for frivolous litigation that alleged that the President has a phony Social Security number.


Anonymous said...

As an attorney and citizen, I am troubled by courts imposing costs (beyond normal court costs) for so-called "frivolous litigation" and increasing disposing of cases before trial or even attempted discovery.
Even the fool should have his/her day-in-court and a decision on the merits.

What would be an early 20th century good-old-boy southern judge's definition of "frivolous litigation" when applied to any NAACP litigation challenging established law and custom?

Anonymous said...

As an attorney, you should see the difference between challenging laws and actions that are obviously unconstitutional and circumventing of Federal law and whackos bringing causes of actions with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. Also, you should brush up on Rule 11 sanctions.

Anonymous said...

@11:12 it sounds like you have never spend thousands of dollars in attorney fees after being accused of using truth gas and death rays on unsuspecting residents with a history of major mental illnesses.

Anonymous said...

5:02 PM Please please please say there's a link to the pleadings.

12:40 PM "Obviously unconstitutional" sure did take a long time come about. Seriously, how many of today's civil rights lawsuits would have been tossed?