Feb 11, 2013

SSA Considering Issuing New SSNs For Child Identity Theft Victims

     From a Request for Comments posted by Social Security in the Federal Register today:

We are considering a new policy for issuing a new SSN for children age 13 and under because of factors that apply only to children. First, because children age 13 and under generally have not worked, attempted to establish credit, or secured drivers licenses, their SSNs are not likely to be in widespread use among public and private entities. Second, misuse of a child's SSN may go undiscovered for many months or even years because children age 13 and under generally do not work or drive and have not attempted to establish credit. For these reasons, assigning a second SSN in these cases is less problematic for the person than it is for an individual with a work history, a driving record, and a credit history.

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