Feb 11, 2013

Social Security Cuts On The Table But Not Medicare Cuts

     The White House said today that increasing the age at which Medicare is first available from 65 to 67 is off the table but reducing Social Security by switching to the Chained CPI method of computing Cost of Living Adjustments is on the table.


Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative(not politically) DI beneficiary. And the white house cpi approach is essentially a RICH GET RICHER POOR GET POORER approach.

Anonymous said...

No sure how this is a "rich get richer" approach. There is no decrease in taxes, only a decrease in benefits paid.

Unforunately, as funds decrease, cuts need to be made.

Anonymous said...

Which is why the obvious solution is to raise the wage cap. There is simply no need to cut benefits when such a simple solution is available.