Jul 28, 2013

Like Chewing Styrofoam

     Words are important. They change the world by informing, inspiring and directing. However, they can also be empty and meaningless. That's the case with Facing the Challenges -- Envisioning the Future, a paper produced by the Social Security Advisory Board (SSAB). Reading this paper is like chewing styrofoam. It is packed with blindingly obvious advice. As an example, the paper recommends that "the plan for the placement of field offices, indeed any SSA facilities, should be proactive, flexible and have the ability to customize services to circumstances such as geographic location, the individuals who live in the service area, and any other contributing factors." I'm sure that Social Security's leaders will keep this masterpiece on their desks.


Anonymous said...

NEW SPEAK (or just old speak) for: Work harder, do more and more with less and less. . . .

Anonymous said...

Washington is littered with decision-makers who have failed to heed blindingly obvious advice. America is full of the casualties of those failures.

At least, they are not full of self-serving advice which is mostly what you get from attorneys.

Kudos on finding that photo on the web (unless that is actually your breakfast).