Jul 23, 2013

New Blog On Social Security Disability Issues

     Julia Mariani, an attorney who had been representing Social Security disability claimants, has shut down her regular practice and taken up blogging on Social Security disability issues. So far, her blog,  Disability Dunk Tank, has a different focus from mine. She is oriented just to disability issues and attuned to the issues that claimants face.
     I wish there was a wider profusion of blogs on Social Security issues. Social Security has a huge impact on America. It deserves widespread coverage by non-traditional media.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Charles, if only more attorneys left law and became bloggers, it would be a much better world.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Charles knows differently, but I saw nothing in the first posts that indicated the author has closed her practice.

Anonymous said...

As a former claimant's rep, and current SSA ALJ I found Ms. Mariani's recent blog, THE SHAME OF DISABILITY, and it's description of the claimant’s existence (and plight) while waiting for their hearing, then decision spot on. I've added her blog to my favorites. Thansk for the heads-up!


Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting blog. I go to this blog for up to minute SSD news.

Maybe I am quibbling a little bit. But not a big fan of the outline of Dunk Tank blog. The font and size of the letters seems small. Maybe it's just my browser. But the info is very interesting.

Quick question about this blog maybe it's been answered. Is there a reason why there is an independent comments pop-up? I was wondering why it is not like other pages where you can leave comments below an article. I assume it has something to do w/ verification. Also it may have something to do in creating more space for other articles. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


It's hard to put much value in her blog when she makes such erroneous statements such as:

"Resources is an all-or-nothing proposition. If you have over $ 2,000.00 in resources you get no SSI whatsoever. Period"

umm, really? you write a lengthy article opining about how hard it is to meet the resource limit, yet negligently fail to mention that one can live in a million dollar home and drive a Rolls Royce, yet those assets don't count towards the $2000 limit??? shameful