Mar 17, 2014

Central Offices Closed Again Due To Weather

     Inclement weather has once again closed Social Security's central offices in the Baltimore area today. This has been a tough winter for that area.


Anonymous said...

With only the one little old lady pictured to sweep the streets, it's no wonder! There's a "shovel-ready" job!

Max Abilify said...

This is getting silly. I saw that gruesome forecast of a coating to an inch of snow for Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

to Max Ability .......what forecast are you watching - the cartoon show?......we have 6 inches about 5 miles north from SSA - and we were forecast to have 2-4 inches......and up to 10 inches south and near the DC border.

if you've ever driven in the crazy traffic out here - you would know what a little snow does to commuting and the fact - they don't clear the side roads timely.

at 5:30 AM this morning there were already accidents on the interstate highways.