Mar 13, 2014

President's Budget Would Restore Some Of Social Security's Workforce

     Social Security would be in for a significant restoration of its workforce if the President's budget for fiscal year 2015 is adopted but it won't since Republicans still control the House of Representatives.

Social Security Administration 2014 Estimated 62,200 2015 Estimated 64,100 3.1 percent

      This would still be well below the 70,000 peak achieved just before Republicans took control of the House of Representatives.


Anonymous said...

3.1 percent is a "significant restoration" of SSA's workforce? Really? SSA is down 20,000 employees in the past 30 years, with a doubled-or-tripled workload in many areas. 3.1 percent is pathetic. It is throwing a bone to the starving dog. 1900 additional employees spread over 1300 field offices plus Central Office and regional offices, and I'll wager that a good chunk will be reserved to fill and/or preserve management positions. And who will train them? They will sit in front of video training screens until they are deemed "ready" to be thrown into the fray. This is strictly election-year stuff, just like the minimum wage.

Anonymous said...

^ That stuff. All correct.