Mar 7, 2014

Senators Propose UI Offset

     Five Republican Senators have introduced legislation that would extend federal unemployment insurance benefits. The benefits extension would be fully paid for by other cuts. One of the "pay fors" is reducing Social Security disability benefits for unemployment insurance. I doubt this proposal will be going anywhere in the Senate. There are no Democrats sponsoring this legislation. This plan is almost certainly not going anywhere in the House of Representatives. Still, this shows that an unemployment insurance offset is gaining ground.

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Anonymous said...

Looking at this, I think of what I like to call "Take From, Give To." Who does the proposal take from, and who does it give to.

This proposal takes from people with serious disabilities who are unemployed and want to do some work. It gives to people without serious disabilities who are unemployed and want to work.

Does that make sense? Why try to finance such a bill on the backs of unemployed people with serious disabilities, who are least able to afford it?