Apr 18, 2014

A Little Weird

     Let me tell you something a little weird about this blog. It gets some surprising hits from outside the U.S. I'm sure that some of these hits come from people who are genuinely interested in U.S. Social Security. I'm sure that some of these hits come from people who were looking for information about another country's Social Security system. However, Google Analytics tells me that many of the hits from other countries come from people who did a search for "resignation letter." Long time readers can attest that the subject of resignation letters has not been a major focus of this blog. The term "resignation letter" has come up in only four posts out of 6,367 in the history of this blog! 
     Don't ask me why a search engine would direct people seeking information on resignation letters would funnel traffic this way or why that would only be the case for those making this request who live outside the U.S. I have no idea.
     I think there's an opportunity here. People in other countries want to find examples of resignation letters. They'll seek out your website if you provide them.


Mattpenning said...

You've just upped your chances of folks finding your site, looking for that phrase.

Anonymous said...

Could be someone in the US, using a VPN. They could be sitting in DC and Google Analytics will say China or where ever. Believe it or not, they are more common than you may think.