Apr 4, 2014

This Article Nails All The Social Security Disability Themes

     Here's an article that talks about these Social Security disability themes:
  • It's wonderful when a person who draws Social Security disability can go back to work. We need to do more to encourage that.
  • The number of people on Social Security disability benefits is soaring. It's an unsustainable burden for the government.
  • Giving Social Security disability benefits to people hurts them because they should be working.
  • Tightening the disability rules by making it impossible to get on benefits for obesity wasn't enough.
  • Fraudulent claimants for Social Security disability benefits pay money for phoney medical reports.
  • High unemployment rates lead to more people on Social Security disability benefits.
  • Social Security disability benefits aren't enough to live on.
     The plot twist here is that it's about Australia.


Anonymous said...

So...it's a world wide problem with no solution in sight?

Anonymous said...

Or...it's merely a collection of tropes that can be rolled out worldwide without support as red meat for the right.

Anonymous said...

What is the answer to helping these individuals become as productive as possible given their condition(s)...I'm open to suggestions rather than just perpetuating stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

This article stinks of fraud.

As a former reporter, I highly question this reporting. These people probably said all these things but my hunch is they were paid.

Not sure how many people this reporter questioned for this article. But it does not seem like a huge sampling.

I guess Australia also has right-wing wackos.