Apr 24, 2014

New Process For Evaluating Trusts As SSI Resources

     Social Security has issued a new Emergency Message (EM) on the evaluation of trusts as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) resources. At least in some regions -- the EM seems unclear on this important point --  these reviews will be done on a regional basis. Few SSI recipients are the beneficiaries of trusts but those few cases can be difficult for the agency to evaluate. If certain narrow conditions are met, a trust is not considered a resource. Reviewing these cases on a regional basis allows for the development of a staff with greater expertise. It has been unrealistic to expect field office employees to evaluate the complicated legal questions that trusts can present.
     By the way, Social Security's Emergency Messages generally don't address real emergencies. They just announce new policies and procedures to Social Security's field office employees.

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Anonymous said...

Most trusts were already being sent to Regional Offices for evaluation. The cadre of evaluators are now field office employees that volunteered. I don't know why the increased attention paid to trusts, considering how few we encounter. A lot of time and resource have been used to develop this "centralization:.