May 27, 2014

Disability Facts

     An e-mail I received recently:
Dear Colleague:
We are proud to announce the launch of Social Security’s disability education and awareness initiative, “The Faces and Facts of Disability.”  Through this campaign, we hope to educate the public about the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program and dispel common misconceptions.  To learn more about the campaign, visit our Faces and Facts of Disability website at
Please help us spread the word.
As part of this campaign, we developed a series of outreach materials for groups and organizations, at, which includes fact sheets, newsletter articles, posters, social media content, PowerPoint slides, and  web widgets.  We ask that you use these materials, such as the web widgets below, which you can upload to your organization's homepage, to help promote the initiative.
In addition, we would also like you to support "The Faces and Facts of Disability" on Thunderclap at  Thunderclap is a viral campaign tool that allows supporters to donate a Tweet or Facebook status update for a common cause.  All donated tweets and status updates will be posted by the supporters on Wednesday, May 28 at 1:00 pm, to achieve maximum effect -- creating a "Thunderclap" informs your networks about the SSDI campaign.
We hope you will join us in these efforts by sharing the “Faces and Facts of Disability” with your members and providing feedback for further enhancement for the campaign.
It is often said that knowledge is power.  By arming the public with facts about our disability program and telling some of our beneficiaries' stories, together we can empower people to draw their own informed conclusions about SSDI and the vital social support it offers.
Maria Artista-Cuchna
Acting Associate Commissioner
    for External Affairs

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Anonymous said...

To bad the "facts" are not all accurate and the first "face" is not really representative of most of those receiving benefits.