May 4, 2014

NADE Obsessed With Fraud

     The National Association of Disability Examiners (NADE) has released its Spring 2014 newsletter. NADE certainly seems taken with the Republican campaign to root out fraud in Social Security's disability programs. 


Anonymous said...

NADE primary concern, as with most unions, is simply maintaining or increasing staffing levels. Thus the push for more CDRS.

However their president goes on to state that "medical improvement is not established in most CDRS. "

My experience is that only low birth weight and age 18 cases result in significant cessations. The reviews of individuals who have been on the rolls for years are a waste of staff time and tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

NADE is a professional organization - certainly not a union. MIRS does apply in age 18 re determinations - a de novo review - resulting in more cessations. There is a reason for MIRS - what Ronnie tried to do in dismantling the disability program was awful.

Anonymous said...

MIRS does NOT apply - oops - channeling Rick Perry.