Nov 15, 2014

Fallacy Of The Day: People Are Living Longer So They Are Working Longer

     This is from an article in the Social Security Bulletin.
FRA refers to Full Retirement Age, which used to be 65, is 66 now and will become 67.
     In case you're having trouble understanding these charts, they show that the vast majority of men and women go on Social Security retirement benefits before full retirement age. Any increase in the full retirement age functions far more as a benefit cut than as an incentive to work longer. The vast majority of people can't make it to full retirement age now. How can increasing full retirement age affect them other than to cut their benefits?

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Anonymous said...

"The vast majority of people can't make it to full retirement age now." Where do you get such nonsense? I am 68 and still working. I talked to a sheetrock hanger that was 64 yesterday and he was still working. I know a mason who is still working and he is 70. People don't want to work anymore. I see an awful lot of people around 50 that don't qualify for disability that just don't want to work anymore. A rep had a fit the other day because one of her claimants was 56 and didn't GRID. She couldn't believe it. She got into asking the VE so many things she got everyone but me confused. The 56 year old could return to her light past relevant work. Further, it would sem like a lot of people would be a lot healthier if they never touched tobacco. Let's see a war on tobacco, but then the libtards would lose the tax base from that, wouldn't they.