Nov 7, 2014

Information Matters

     From a survey conducted by Greenwald and Associates for the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) in June 2014:


Anonymous said...

where is the survey that asks "Would you support a decrease in SS benefits if it meant decreased taxes?"

As someone who would be greatly affected by either a raise in the FICA cap or a raise in tax rate, I would like to see the response to that.

Anonymous said...


As a taxpayer/consumer of insurance services, Social Security is a good deal. Most sensible people who understand the type and value of the benefits (disability, retirement, survivors, dependents, etc.) would not want to see them cut for a modest FICA reduction.

Picture yourself becoming disabled and unable to work. Your expenses continue, perhaps even increase, but you no longer have any wages. How long before all your savings are gone? For most Americans, it is far less time than it takes to get an ALJ hearing date.

On the average SSD and SSI benefits are quite low and difficult to live on. If you cut those benefits you push more vulnerable Americans over the line to where they can't afford basic necessities. That takes the "Security" out of Social Security.