Jun 19, 2015

At Least They Admit There's A Problem

     I just received this message from Social Security: "For 6/19/15, the Social Security Administration Electronic Records Express (ERE) Website is experiencing intermittent slowness and/or degraded service. Systems is working to resolve the issue. We will provide updates as available."

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Anonymous said...

Why did it take so long? I subscribe to a number of online sites and, when they occasionally have a problem or outage, they use twitter, social media, their web site and their blogs etc. to post about the problem and how they are working hard to fix it. Sometimes they estimate how long the problem will last. Once the problem is fixed, some even post about why the problem occurred. They do this because they realize users will be less upset if they know what is going on than if they are left in the dark.

Why is this such a problem for a government agency? Are they afraid someone will start a congressional investigation?