Jun 18, 2015

ERE Seems To Be Working

     In fairness to Social Security, I should note that the agency's ERE system that allows attorneys representing Social Security claimants to electronically access their clients' files appears to have been working today. At least, I was able to use it and, unlike yesterday, I haven't been hearing complaints from others today about ERE.


Anonymous said...

like I said yesterday...this will be a moot point (whether it's working or not) once everyone has access to their records via mySocialSecurity within the next 12 months.

Anonymous said...

I hope mySocialSecurity will have better internet security than the OPM site.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.23

Not sure what that will look like. Understand, Representatives use ERE for a lot more than just accessing files. While at the hearing level, there is a separate listing of Exhibited files. We can download recordings of hearings. We can directly submit additional records. At least theoretically, we can message the ODAR but that module has yet to be implemented. Its not just about seeing records.

Frankly, ERE access has been a tremendous help. The biggest frustration is that we can only do it at the Hearing or AC level. The State Agencies have not signed on. Determining status of cases at the SA or seeing what they have, or more directly don't have, by way of evidence remains a frustration. Replacing all of that via mySocialSecurity, if it actually happens would be fine. But until it does, then having ERE work reliably is critical. When it goes down, as happens after nearly every new "improvement" along with stonewalling to reps when we try to find out whether the problem is you or us, is not just being whiny. At least in wanting the mechanics of the system to work right, we are on the same team.

As to mySocialSecurity, there is another problem. Yes, it can be helpful, especially in determining w/n a client is insured. However, the sign up process is beyond the ability of most of my clients. It is a problem either because of a lack of a computer, lack of an e-mail account that seems to now be required, or some other problem. While I have, on occasion, sat with a client in my office and helped them create an account via my computer, I have been told by SS Reps in IT that multiple setups from the same IP address (i.e. my office computer) will likely trigger an audit or investigation by OIG. Maybe just my paranoia, but so long as that remains a possibility, I will strictly limit that assistance to only where there is no other way to access the needed information.

Anonymous said...

What is this talk of replacing ARS with mySocialSecurity? first i've heard of that.