Aug 29, 2015

High Stakes In Disability Determination

     People drawing the British equivalent of Social Security disability benefits are being subjected to new examinations to determine whether they're really disabled. Many are being cut off benefits. It turns out that more than 80 a month of those cut off are dying shortly after being found not disabled.


Anonymous said...

For many who are denied disability benefits when they genuinely cannot work, the consequences are catastrophic. For some, it is a death sentence. For others, impoverishment, greater illness, and suffering for them and their families.

Having worked in this field for 20 years, I am certain that for every proven case of fraud you could show me in the disability system, I could show you several cases where a wrongfully denied claimant suffered terribly or died. For some reason, the press is reluctant to report on that. I'm glad to at least see someone in Britain is investigating the issue.

You want a study that would make sense to do, SSA? Review a few thousand cases of people who died within 12 months of being denied disability benefits. Determine what if anything SSA might have done differently to recognize the severity of their illnesses.

Anonymous said...

the US SSD is the same way ESPECIALLY if they see anything about certain types of pre-cancer or polyps in your files or reports, they know its only a matter of time and you will be dead so they don't award the legitimate benefit owed for obscure non relevant reasons and let the case drag through Appeals council for over a year. Then rinse and repeat a another time maybe more till the claimant is deceased and unable to claim anything any more. Fact don't hate on me Fact this has been done to me personally and I am still dragging through the process after the 2nd Remand hearing.

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