Aug 27, 2015

Maine Congressional Delegation Reacts To The Hearing Backlog

     Maine's Congressional delegation is reacting to Social Security's vast and growing hearing backlog.


Max Abilify said...

Not sure what the problem is at the Portland, Maine ODAR, Maine's only hearing office. But if I were a member of their Congressional delegation I still wouldn't be complaining. Their processing time is middle of the pack (#86 out of 163 offices), and with relatively low production by all of the ALJ's. They have some of the most plaintiff-oriented veteran ALJ's around. Four of the their six ALJ's are at 62%, 64%, 77% and 78% favorable. Their 'worst' ALJ is at 48% favorable -- which would top some ODAR's. Office stats are 64% favorable overall, including only a handful of partially favorables. You would think decision-writing would be a snap compared to all the denials in the 40%-45% favorable ODAR's. Maybe it's a shortage of support staff, but I think they're in good shape for the number of ALJ's.

Maybe if their Congressional delegation yells loud enough, they will recruit a few of the hard line ALJ's to transfer up north and speed up their processing time! I can think of a few for whom I would spring for a bus ticket.

Anonymous said...

also, I hate that the time for a hearing decision (which is an appeal of a denial) is quoted as the waiting time. There are LOTS of people that get benefits within 1-3 months (via a DDS determination).

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