Aug 5, 2015

GOP Doesn't Know What It Will Do About Disability Trust Fund

     The Fiscal Times is running an article on Republican efforts to come up with a plan for the looming shortfall in Social Security's Disability Insurance Trust Fund. The bottom line is that Republicans don't have a clue what they'll do. While they might love to cut any type of Social Security, they don't want their fingerprints on any plan to cut Social Security in any way so they work on small bore plans that would have virtually no effect on Social Security disability costs. However, it's clear that many Republicans in Congress will oppose any fix because they want to make their "Social Security is broken" mantra come true.
     By the way, the article advances the myth that there is a "growing number" of people seeking Social Security disability benefits. There used to be true but that's certainly not the case now. The number claiming benefits has gone down dramatically. The number actually drawing benefits has declined modestly over the last year. I can't understand why this point isn't being raised more by Social Security's supporters. Maybe some of these supporters have been taken in by the constant Republican repetition of the "Social Security disability is out of control" meme.
     By the way, I intend to keep pointing out that the administration can solve this problem rather simply without Congressional help. I still haven't heard any reason why my plan won't work.

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Anonymous said...

Most people already know Republicans secretly passed a rule to transfer funds from one account to another which caused this crisis now I hear they want to cut off people who have mental illnesses like bipolar anxiety etc.I thought it was about fraud which is not as high as Republicans claim many of these Politicians should not have a job