Nov 16, 2015

Setback In Kentucky And West Virginia

     A motion for preliminary injunction was filed to prevent the Social Security Administration from going ahead with its plan to make almost 1,500 Social Security disability recipients in Kentucky and West Virginia who had been represented by Eric Conn prove all over again that they are disabled. After what I consider an extraordinary delay the District Court has denied the motion. The agency is free to continue with its plan without making any showing of evidence that there was fraud or similar fault involved in these claimants being awarded benefits. Everyone will just assume the evidence exists.
     I would remind everyone who is sure that there must be strong evidence of fraud or similar fault that no criminal charges have been brought against Mr. Conn, no disciplinary action has been brought against him by the Kentucky Bar and he is still free to represent claimants before the Social Security Administration. How can that be if the evidence against him is strong? Charges aren't true just because you saw them on 60 Minutes. And no one has accused these claimants of doing anything wrong. They just hired the wrong lawyer.


Anonymous said...

Not just "In KY and WV", many times must people comment here/the authors here be told--there are people from SEVERAL states (including the Carolinas,Tennesse,Virginia,Ohio...even as far as Louisiana...). This is not only a "KY and WV" issue,it's wide spread.

Where's the mention of the thousands of other people all across the country who have been similarly attacked by the SSA and lost their incomes without cause (most recently in GA and NY)?

Where's the mentioning that the SSA has went on record/went public announcing that "as early as 2017,millions of formerly undocumented citizens will be receiving Disability incomes"?

Coincidences? (I doubt it,and you would need hard documented evidence to convince or prove me wrong...)

Anonymous said...

9:45: what are you talking about?!

Anonymous said...

@ 9:19

I imagine if you peruse the last few days' editions of your favorite crackpot right wing rags you'd run into what this person is rambling on about.