Nov 11, 2015

Veterans Day 2015


Anonymous said...

Congress needs to make sure that our vets receive all of their benefits and not just SSA disability. With injured workers and vets receiving only SSA, it is no wonder that SSDI was going bankrupt Congress enacted all of this many years ago and since AND NOW folks like Paul Ryan(the CATHOLIC/AYN RAND DUDE) wants the public to think it is our vets & workers fault, so they can privatize it some more for corporations, congress'es true love, certainly they do not love our American vets or workers . Congress house of cards or domino's need to start falling for the lies & deceptions it has put upon the taxpayers for the last 4 decades. Aiding self insured corporations including the DOD/VA FOR the corporations/DOD/VA(the DOD has many of its own corporations which is really scary)and some of congress members own corporations has gotten this country's finances into the mess that it is in with having to increase the trillions of dollar budget ceiling( while blaming it all on OBAMA) every year for decades. How much of those trillions have gone for our vets benefits anyway? There really should be a OIG audit or congressional investigation and hearing as to why our vets are only on SSDI and not DOD/VA benefits.

But the hypocrisy's of congress explains itself with those who believe as a Catholic but also believe in Ayn Rand, two extreme beliefs that totally contradict each other. Being a Catholic means you are to serve people , not yourself as Ayn Rand claimed with the putting everything on the Wall st. Market. Or is it that people, like Paul Ryan does not know the difference between the two?

Is congress a hypocrisy, bi-polar or just evil with greed?

What a great picture of a vet shaking hands with a child.

Anonymous said...

Our Vets do not only receive SSA, most of them receive their pensions and/or their VA pay also. Many are making more than they were while on active duty. Not a criticism, merely a clarification.

Anonymous said...

There are many who have come back from the 3 middle east wars that are still waiting for their VA benefits.

Anonymous said...

well, good news is once they get their VA rating, they won't have to wait here at SSA.