Feb 1, 2016

At Least Somebody Is Hiring

     From a job posting:
Binder & Binder Disability caseworker
Quikaid, Inc. - Saint Petersburg, FL
$35,000 a year

Our firm is seeking 1-2 disability caseworkers with experience working in the disability field, particularly with a firm such as Binder & Binder. Binder & Binder is in bankruptcy, and our firm has made an offer to purchase Binder & Binder's assets from the bankruptcy estate. While that offer is being reviewed, we continue to grow aggressively and are seeking to build our staff. ...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

B&B is also hiring someone to go to hearings in the Midwest.

Anonymous said...

B&B is no more.

The hollow bankrupt corporate form is all that remains of a once proud institution.

Quickaid is demonstrating to the world that it is the future.

That new "B&B employee" will soon be part of the Quickaid behemoth, once the ink in dry on the Quickaid vulture acquisition agreement.

Anonymous said...

Charles was smart selling out when he did. He saw the future or had heard some inside grumblings. The group that bought it thought it was easy money. Glad they lost the investment. Sorry for the little people that worked there, but from the stories on the internet about conditions, treatment and compensation it sounds like they will be better off elsewhere. Whose left in the full on nationwide firms now? How are they doing?

Wonder if I can buy that cowboy hat in the liquidation aale?

Anonymous said...

Quik Aid put their bid in months ago and were laughed off. They cannot afford to buy the company, even if is in bankruptcy.