Feb 10, 2016

Government Wants Into Lawsuit Against Conn

     From the Associated Press:

The federal government wants to get involved in a whistleblower lawsuit against Eastern Kentucky disability lawyer Eric C. Conn.
Media outlets report attorneys with the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Division filed a motion Tuesday in federal court asking to "partially intervene for a good cause." ...
According to Tuesday's motion, government involvement is warranted in the whistleblower lawsuit because the public needs to be assured a taxpayer-funded program is administered with transparency. ..


Anonymous said...

no wonder DOJ is interested!
Are HOD Hall and supervisor Goforth (mentioned in the testimony at the link below) still working in management at SSA? The testimony raises disturbing questions about the integrity of the program and the accountability of SSA management from the top down.

Anonymous said...

ACTUALLY...DOJ stated specifically in their very first footnote that they are not intervening in any claim against ALJ Daugherty. They're not remotely interested in integrity or accountability as their own program is concerned. Just looking for the pound of flesh to appease the masses. No easier target than Conn. He is by no means a saint but the system that allowed and encouraged this behavior is again shirking it's own responsibility in what has become a three ring circus of injustice and government posturing.