Mar 11, 2016

Patent Applied For

     A summary of a patent application filed by Jeffrey A. Killian of Grove City, OH:
A computerized system and method for determining eligibility for social security disability insurance benefits (SSDI) through a computer network who have been placed on a waiting list for medical treatment. The network provides access to State waiting list databases containing information relating to persons wanting to receive treatment for developmental disabilities and/or mental illness from a State licensed care facility and Federal Social Security records containing information relating to person's status of SSDI benefits and parental/marital information relating to person's eligibility of SSDI benefits. The system and method is programmed to automatically determine who is potentially eligible for SSDI benefits and determine those who are eligible for SSDI benefits based on the information identified within the State and Federal databases. Moreover, the computerized system and method may also automatically identify lump sum payments paid out on behalf of at least one person who want to receive treatment for disabilities and/or mental illness from a State licensed care facility, yet have been placed on a waiting list.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating read. Charles, thank you for maintaining this website. Love all the great information we receive from you.

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If only it was that easy.