Mar 1, 2016

Senate Finance Committee To Vote On Eanes Nomination

     The Senate Finance Committee has scheduled a vote for March 2 on the nomination of Andrew Lamont Eanes to become Deputy Commissioner of Social Security. Barring any last minute problem, Eanes is likely to be confirmed by the Senate in the near future.
     If confirmed, Eanes will immediately replace Carolyn Colvin as Acting Commissioner of Social Security. Let me explain why that is. Social Security's Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner do not serve at the pleasure of the President. They serve set six year terms. Colvin's term as Deputy Commissioner ended about three years ago if I remember correctly. She has stayed in office only because the statute allows a Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner to stay in office until a successor is confirmed. The last Commissioner of Social Security, Michael Astrue, resigned some time ago. If Eanes is confirmed, Colvin is immediately out of a job. Eanes will immediately succeed her as Acting Commissioner. There is no pending nomination for Commissioner. Colvin had been nominated in the last Congress but President Obama did not re-nominate her after the 2014 Congressional election.


Anonymous said...

I did a google search on this guy and found the comments from this blog
on Aug 3, 2014
Now I am really SCARED.

Please check out

Anonymous said...
Obviously, this person has a deep and complete understanding of the most important social welfare and earned benefit program in the USA. Good times ahead for SSA and the USA!
10:59 AM, August 03, 2014
Anonymous said...
Is this a joke? The guy has zero qualifications for the job. Smells like a favor is being paid here.
9:06 PM, August 03, 2014
Anonymous said...
Experience with Sprint--great--he can help answer phones.
10:27 PM, August 03, 2014

Did not see any experience dealing with people with disabilities or really any kind of government. Meh. Just like Colvin as SSA commissioner.
1:14 AM, August 04, 2014

6:06 AM, August 04, 2014
Anonymous said...
He did work three summers as a baggage handler and freight loader. With those qualifications, why should I doubt his ability to run an airline?
1:48 PM, August 04, 2014

Anonymous said...

The comment at 6:06 AM, August 04, 2014, lol

Anonymous said...

Anybody ask the White House if this is what they intend to happen?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hall - when you first posted about the hearing - several responders said you were in error.

Colvin stays on as acting COSS regardless of when he is confirmed as deputy or not.

Unless she decides to go - and she will not - or the President removes her from the acting appointment.

Anonymous said...

POSTPONED: Open Executive Session to Consider the Nominations of Mary Katherine Wakefield; Andrew Lamont Eanes; Elizabeth Ann Copeland; and Vik Edwin Stoll