May 6, 2016

Man Jailed For Threatening Personnel At Social Security Field Office

     From some television station in Cleveland that prefers to hide its call letters on its website:
Charges have now been filed against a man who has been in the Cleveland jail under investigation by Homeland Security. Investigators accuse Ramong Frett of threatening to kill a guard and others at a Social Security office on Shaker Boulevard. Police say he also “threatened four Federal Police Officers…and families of officers…”.
     It's just my personal peeve but why do television stations hide their call letters? "Fox 8" isn't a real name. Undoubtedly, there are a number of Fox affiliates across the country on channel 8.


Anonymous said...

Station Profile



Virtual Channel 8
RF Channel 8
Facility ID 73150

Listed under "Online Public File"

Anonymous said...

Well, imprisonment does provide 3 hots and a cot -- a concept increasingly uncertain with rising prices, more isolated family members and no increase in disability income. I have had friends who pretended to rob a credit union with an empty obviously fake gun to get a certain roof and meals --- yep they are inmates now.

If institutionalized you are likely to lose your social security for a time. But, never underestimate the fear of homeless, hunger and unneeded institutionalization in older disabled people now. I also know more than one aging person with disabilities who plans to use her last disability check ever to buy a gun and kill herself as the last effort to avoid early nursing home placement.

The fear is particularly great in older disabled women with little family support now and small checks because of the low pay and start/stop nature of women's family work for so long. Disabled men and women have the same financial needs in aging but the pay gap adds to the terror noted above.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I received a call from Homeland Security (now that's a call you take when your assistant buzzes and explains who is on line one!) I was then proceeded to be told that one of my clients visited his local DO and created a big scene, culminating in him threatening to "blow up his lawyer's office." I had actually won his case, but my client thought his monthly amount was too low and he blamed me. I asked if he was arrested, but was told that because the threat was not made against a federal employee, they let the guy walk. I asked what I should do and was told to call my local police. I called my local police and made a report, but there wasn't much they could do. Our office is in a large office complex, so we called our building security and had them patrol our floor all day while we locked our doors. Thankfully, the client never showed up and nothing ever happened. But it was a little nerve-wracking.

Anonymous said...

Over the course of a year about 20 years ago, I received 2 separate calls from a very distraught administrator from the ODAR (then Office of Hearings and Appeals, OHA)after 2 different clients with severe mental impairments had made threats against the OHA and ALJs in general. One claimant called and the other actually walked into the OHA reception area. Both demanded that their cases be acted upon--NOW! Neither one was taken into custody, but the administrator said that if either one repeated the behavior, he would call the FBI on the claimants. I had each one come and emphasized that such behavior would not help their cases.

However, the administrator was sufficiently frightened, and in each case, within a few days I received hearing notices. Benefits were quickly granted in both cases.

Anonymous said...

As a CR I had threats made against me. One was very disturbing, he wanted to chop me up with the hatchet he slept with under his pillow. He then described how he had followed his treating psych home from her office. Gave me her plate number, car make and model, route of travel, home address, average time home and when the family came and went. I informed the treating psych about the situation. He was later arrested outside her home.

Oh yeah, the guy that came into the office with a five gallon gas molotov cocktail, active TB claimants, active AIDS spitting (convicted of assault) the bomb threats, keyed cars.

Tell me again how bad it is at ODAR.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:11 AM, isn't it nice to know that Homeland Security thinks less of the value of your life than a federal employee? If that client had threatened to blow up the DO he would have been escorted off to jail in an instant.

Anonymous said...

@429 PM One is specifically a crime and one wasn't. They did call to warn the guy and all turned out well.

TruthBtold said...

@2:35 AM, they actually both are a crime.

Anonymous said...

@343AM Well, one is a crime they handle and one isn't.