May 4, 2016

Proposed Gun Control Regs To Be In Federal Register Tomorrow

     The proposed regulations that will make it impossible for some Social Security disability recipients who have representative payees to purchase firearms will appear in the Federal Register tomorrow. Some points to keep in mind:
  • Remember this is just a proposal. Nothing is going into effect at this time. If Donald Trump gets elected President, it is unlikely to go into effect.
  • This isn't about seizing anyone's guns. It would only prevent some people with serious psychiatric problems from buying guns.
  • It would only apply to people drawing Social Security disability benefits who meet or equal a Listing for psychiatric illness. These are people with very serious mental health problems.
  • It wouldn't apply to anyone drawing Social Security retirement benefits.
  • Those who would be affected by this proposal will still have an avenue to prove that it's safe for them to buy firearms.
  • Don't believe all the nonsense you hear from the NRA. The black helicopters aren't coming to seize your guns and force you into a concentration camp. This proposal isn't the beginning of the apocalypse.


Anonymous said...

How could you ever purport to know what Donald Trump would do about this proposed regulation?

Anonymous said...

Sounds too reasonable so I assume it will never happen

Tim said...

While this idea has some merit, those with mental illness most likely to harm others are those who have yet to receive treatment. Those who are having hallucinations, hearing voices, etc. at the onset are more likely to act upon their impulses. Unfortunately, parents, friends and others often miss or ignore warning signs. This is simply human nature: we don't want to believe those we care about... could do...

Anonymous said...

Since this would make it illegal for these folks to possess firearms, why wouldn't their guns be seized?
Also, while their is an avenue to appeal, this proposal states that, if SSA has not decided the appeal in a year, it is deemed denied. So all SSA has to do is "sit on it" for a year. Then the recourse is Federal court -- difficult and costly for the average citizen.

Anonymous said...

My reading of the proposed change indicates that the two key criteria that must be met for the SSA/FBI to deny firearms to beneficiaries or trigger a seizure are:

1. Declared mentally deficient/incompetent by an ALJ.

2. Have an assignment of their benefits, meaning they are incapable of receiving and managing their monthly benefits in which case a 3rd party receives and manages the recipients money for the beneficiary.

So if I'm correct, many on SSDI for mental health issues would STILL be eligible to own or purchase a firearm.