Nov 4, 2016

By International Standards U.S. Spends Little On Disability Benefits


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to compare disability pensions and "other incapacity benefits."

With the exception of Germany, Korea, Italy, Solvenia, and New Zealand we appear to be allowing greater "other incapacity benefits" than other countries. I wonder if SSI is more accomidating than other countries' equivalent programs?

Then again, the average ratio seems to show the average is more accomidating than our SSI program. I would be curious to actually see the data behind the chart, particularly to compare the differences between Iceland and Germany's programs.

Anonymous said...

Our Country is also behind in health care, child care, education, family leave, elder care, the list goes on. Doomed, we are.

Anonymous said...

OK, for those who prefer the chance of getting these outcomes, then move to these "better" countries. Do so now, if you are working or not. Please .... And see how they welcome and tax you.

Anonymous said...


So...make america great again, except if it costs you more in taxes?

So...make america great again, but only if doing so conforms to your unfounded belief that small government will somehow provide for the general welfare as the government is constitutionally obligated to do?

So...make america great again, by letting the sick and disabled die in the streets?

I would rather fix my country, then abandon it.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

1:40 for Pres

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the longer post:

Anonymous said...

Also our process is a lot less, I dunno, fair or friendly for the potentially disabled since we have step five where we put you back to unskilled work. Many other disability systems premise disability on your ability to do your customary work or the work you trained for.

Anonymous said...

comparisons to other civilized nations are inherently liberal and anti American exceptionalist.

Tim said...

2:52 PM. Perhaps so, from a certain point of view. That view would not be the claimant's view, who would currently see DDS as a culture of denial, followed by a year and a half of waiting for a hearing while multiple requests for OTRs are ignored, followed by a hearing where your fate may be determined by the luck of the draw. In the meantime, you ask, then beg your doctors to fill out forms that will help you, but they seem more interested in protecting themselves... In the meantime they've filled out dozens of forms that allowed you to be off work for 30 days with the exact same symptoms! As for medical records, I'm sure people have been executed for murder on far less evidence! American exceptionalism: not this outfit, baby!

Anonymous said...


I think acknowledging there are other civilized nations suggests 2:52 was being facetious. But, I couldn't agree more.

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Anonymous said...

The reason other countries are able to spend more on the disabled is because our tax dollars are given to their government. If we kept our money home, we could definitely increase our care for our own. It ain't rocket science folks.

Anonymous said...

People can come here from other countries and get money faster than any American citizen. That is besides what the U.S. sends to other countries. This is about when anyone gets hurt or disabled including our vets, that once we are broken, there is somebody else to take our place including getting our benefits for a head start and why the so called lawmakers don't help their own constituents. Once we're broken, we're automatically thrown to heap and the media joins in because they are corporations who enjoy paying less in wages.

Anonymous said...

it truly is a post fact world we live in.