Nov 3, 2016

How Donald Trump Fumbled Social Security Like No Republican Before Him


AKM said...

This is not a good video as indication of future policy. It is pretty much established that HC is a liar, so how does that comment hold any meaning? Also, DT in the past has said that he would not cut SS. His stand on this video is that with his plan of increased worker participation that there will be more deposits into the trust funds. That was his answer.

Anonymous said...

And the problem with that???

Anonymous said...

Its just unrealistic. They're isn't going to be increased worker participation. You can't fight automation and globalization. A couple million delivery drivers and over the road truckers won't be employed in five years ten max.

Anonymous said...

It's just locker-room talk.

Anonymous said...

If they would stop bussing in illegals in old beater pickup trucks to the social security welfare drive thru window for free checks this would all stop. Not to mention those places like Chicago and Philly where those welfare queens are drawing fifteen to twenty SSI checks on all of the dead people and using bogus identities and such while driving new Cadillacs which are much nicer than the car I drive. It's time for real American Patriots to put a stop to this. The Real Patriot Militia Heartland Commitees assigned to watch the polls on Tuesday need to shift their attention and go watch the social security welfare giveaway offices next. for God's sakes when are real Americans going to put a stop to all of this???

Anonymous said...


Not any locker-room I've been in.


Clinton instituted workfare. Those places no longer exist, if they ever did.

Anonymous said...


I hear ya brother! Trump's got a great solution. He's going to have Mexico pay American workers to build the wall. All the extra worker participation will balance the trust fund. Problem solved.


Somebody needs to catch those evil genius welfare queens. How they keep eluding the FBI and OIG is beyond me. Maybe after the wall is finished Trump could have the workers cordon off all low-income neighborhoods and interrogate all cadillac owners.

Anonymous said...

Had a 39 year old female Hispanic come in for a cessation hearing this week. When I reviewed her past relevant work, she said that was the result of fraud and someone stole or copied her Social Security number. I told her we had a problem then because her SS benefits were Title II. She had received 12 years of Title II benefits she wasn't entitled to. Nice, and the overpayment case will be how much??

Anonymous said...


...that is not good. I was going to say file a police report, then I noted benefits were title II...that is awful.

Would she qualify for Title XVI? Maybe that could at least reduce the overpayment if her PIA were not very high (or even less than SSI).

Obviously title XVI doesn't pay retroactively...I'm really just pulling at straws.

12 years?!?

Anonymous said...

Clinton has to beat the FBI and the Russians!

Lindav said...

Title XVI does not pay retroactively but if her income were low enough or even if it was not they should have taken an SSI application when they took the Title II. Kind of like SDW cases in reverse?

Anonymous said...

All they have to do is increase the tax they take out of peoples pay and make it payable up to $1,000,000,00 !!!

Tim said...

7:13 PM. Hillary claims on one hand that there's no proof the Russians or anyone else hacked her servers and on the other hand claims the Russians are trying to influence the election through Wiki-leaks. I have yet to see any proof of the Russians having anything to do with with Wiki-leaks. However, Hillary having a seperate server in and of itself violated federal laws ( Freedom of Information Act). As for intent, the answer is obvious: to hide the shady (perhaps illegal) "contributions" to the Clinton Foundation and arrangement for "speaking fees."

Anonymous said...

DT & HC both scare the hell out of me and many others and we going to need a lot of repair after either one of these two. Both are full of B.S. GOD help us here in the U.S.A. What about the Reagan 1984 Act where illegals & legals gotto get SSA benefits? Out of who's money? Did congress get the go ahead to add to the budget on that, to add more taxes to the people on this one or are others who worked most of their lives unknowingly forced to contribute out of THEIR SSA benefits. because disabled workers are far less than any getting far less and should be getting more while those who come illegally actually get more per month. Living in CA. has been a real eye opener. Not totally blaming illegals but when it comes to voting, they won't and don't care to. America's ATM that just keeps on giving and who from poorer countries can resist. Running for public office was an eye opener in this too.
Just wondering

Anonymous said...


Illegal immigrants cannot vote, so stating "they won't and don't care to" doesn't seem relevant. Did you mean Californians won't vote to block illegal immigration? They cannot. Immigration is regulated by the Federal Government, not state government.

Illegal immigrants cannot claim social security benefits. Did you mean in public services?

Social Security Disability Benefits Reform Act of 1984 (which I believe you refer to as "Reagan's 1984 Act") does not address immigration. If you meant Reagan's granting of amnesty to illegal immigrants, I would assume they did not immediately become qualified for Disability Insurance Benefits under Title II of the Social Security Act as your actual benefits are based on your taxed earnings and illegal immigrants do not generally pay income tax.

Actually, as employers are generally required to withhold payroll tax, illegal immigrants who are employed contribute to Social Security without being able to claim Social Security by paying on another individual's social security number.

Illegal immigrants, once given amnesty, would however be eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits under Title XVI of the Social Security Act.

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to check for those green cards when the roofers are up on your roof and the bid they gave you was $500 less than the insurance check you got. Nobody in line at the grocery store line has said to me that they would pay double for the produce they eat in December and January to keep those undocumented out of the country. Hide behind the flag to keep your ignorance and prejudice from showing, its ok, we hear your words.

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Anonymous said...

anybody care to comment on what a president trump means
for the disability program?

Anonymous said...

We called NOSSCR and they're supposed to be coming out with something soon for their members concerning the outcome of the election.