Jun 11, 2017

This Fugitive Business Must Be Tougher Than He Thought

     From the Lexington Herald Leader:
A person claiming to be fugitive lawyer Eric C. Conn laid out the terms of his surrender in emails sent to his attorney and the Herald-Leader in recent days, then contacted the newspaper early Sunday to provide extra details aimed at confirming his identity. ... 
In an email sent to the newspaper Friday, the person claiming to be Conn said he fled because he felt it was unfair that two Social Security judges convicted in relation to his case would get far less prison time than him. 
Conn’s attorney, Scott White, confirmed that he received an email Thursday from someone claiming to be his client and that the email contained some of the same details that were in the message sent to the newspaper. 
White said he first thought the email was a joke, but became convinced there was a high likelihood that the emails to him and the newspaper were from Conn. 
The emails set out conditions under which the sender would surrender to the FBI. 
They were that the terms of his surrender be made available for public review and discussion; that the FBI publicly state Conn fled because he found it unfair that others in the case will receive a combined sentence less than his; that the FBI publicly acknowledge Conn has no history of violence and that a caution they issued to members of the public about approaching him was not based on a specific concern; and finally, that the FBI not charge him with additional crimes related to him fleeing.


AKM said...

You do no need to be in law enforcement or be an attorney to know that that simply will not happen! Either he has lost his mind or he has some other agenda, assuming of course that this is him.

Anonymous said...

I've worked with some OS, ADM and DM, some of whom have different agendas, yet similar criminal mentality, especially when it comes to harassment or intimidation.

Anonymous said...

Have you not seen the Obama girl video or the Conn is back video in his Rolls Royce? I'm Eric Conn dammit I make the rules! Too bad this guy isn't in banking or real estate. If he was he would be in the Trump Administration. He should prepare a reality show about his being on the lamb.

Anonymous said...

I was a criminal defense lawyer in a previous life so he can expect to lose his acceptance of responsibility reduction and possible reduction for "cooperation" against co-defendants; get an enhancement for absconding; most likely get the statutory maximum sentence which was 12 years-not bad a deal considering his "Madoff" like conduct; get sent to a much tougher BOP institution instead of a minimum security camp; and maybe another indictment for violating his bail conditions or even escape. These situations never end well.

Anonymous said...

Bad move Mr. Conn.

Anonymous said...

What always amazes me about criminals like Conn, who run scams that last years, is that they never seem to have an escape plan.

You would think that if you decided to engage in a multi-million dollar fraud that you would plan for the day the FBI kicks in your door by having funds stashed away and a new identity in place that you could assume.

However, these jokers just seem to think that they can run the scam forever, and that they will never get caught.

P.S. Eric, your sentence was longer than the ALJs' because you stole the most money, Jerk!