Feb 12, 2018

Poor Rural Areas Generate Disability Claims

     The Cadillac [MI] News reports on the incidence of Social Security disability receipt within the state of Michigan. Not surprisingly, to me at least, disability hits hardest in poorer rural areas with older populations. Many of the healthy young people leave those areas to take jobs where they can find them. The population left behind is older and sicker. Of course, a higher percentage of the remaining population files disability claims.
     By the way, what I've seen in North Carolina is that these poorer rural areas eventually generate fewer disability claims -- once the local population is greatly diminished, as it surely will be over time, since there aren't jobs to be had. The older, sicker population just dies off.


Anonymous said...

My practice is located in MI. While we advertise throughout the state, only a small percentage of our new clients come from this so-called "disability belt." The populations are so low in these areas and there are no available jobs so there are very few new disability cases. It seems like everyone who is eligible for disability is already on the rolls.

Anonymous said...

Further south we are seeing an increase in the apps for benefits and the average age is creeping up. So our typical claimant now hovers around the 50+ mark, limited education, unskilled.

Anonymous said...

I practice in southeast Michigan and many of my clients move to the northern counties once the get on disability because the cost of living is so much lower in those areas.

Anonymous said...

Numeracy for lawyers.

The map shows the rate of DI receipt.

The number of people receiving DI is much higher in places that have a lot of people.

The percentage of people in an area is much higher in places with a high proportion of poorly educated, unhealthy people at risk for disability.

Disability rates are higher in poor rural areas, but most people on DI live in major metropolitan centers. To wit, in 2016, close to 40% of all people in the state receiving DI worker benefits are in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.

Anonymous said...

Not only is it cheaper, Northern Michigan is gorgeous! I would move there too if I was on disability. :-)