Jul 3, 2018

Offended By Washington Post Editorial

     From Dean Baker writing for the Center for Economic and Policy Research:
The paper owned by the man who got incredibly rich by avoiding state and local sales taxes is upset because workers are getting Social Security disability payments that average less than $1,300 a month. Since the U.S. has one of the least generous disability programs of any wealthy country, this might seem like a strange concern. Here's the picture from the OECD.
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Of course the Post is also a paper that gets hysterical over the prospect that truck drivers will get pay increases. In short, these are folks who practice crude class war. They are okay with some crumbs for the poor, but anything that is good for ordinary workers means giving up money that could be in the pockets of the Bezoses of the world.


Anonymous said...

What Trump has glommed onto and exploited as fake news is actually corporate and 1% percent owned news. This stuff is why the public is rightfully suspicious of the media and the issue can be demagogued. How rich and powerful does the 1% have to be? Maybe when we are all eating cat food it will be enough. If they still sold products and weren't cheating in the markets they would care more about concepts like aggregate demand. What happens when nobody has another dollar to spend?

Anonymous said...

Look at how this gentleman treats his workers and use surveillance in the workplace. Is it any great surprise that he hates social security. He's a cleaned up version of the 19th century robber barons of old. Workers and the public be damned!