Jul 2, 2018

Seven Months For Conn Associate; 15 Years For Conn

     From WLEX:
An accomplice of Eric C. Conn was sentenced Friday to prison time for helping the disgraced former attorney flee prosecution in a Social Security fraud scheme.
Curtis Wyatt pleaded guilty to conspiracy to escape in March. He is a former employee of the attorney. The FBI says Wyatt, under Conn’s direction, assessed security at US-Mexico border checkpoints, bought Conn’s getaway car with cash and registered it under a dummy corporation and also had an aluminum lined bag sent to his house in Pike County that scrambles GPS signals.
Conn was eventually recaptured in Honduras at a Pizza Hut restaurant.
Wyatt was sentenced to 7 months, with credit for 3 months of time served. He also was fined $500. 
The judge took Wyatt's background into consideration. His background is spotless.
As for Conn, a federal judge approved a plea deal where Conn could face an addition 15 years in prison for his escape to Honduras.


Anonymous said...

Can we get a Kardashain on this and get him a presidential pardon?

Anonymous said...

This entire fiasco could have been avoided had the management of SSA hearings and disability component did their job. They once again failed and once again their underlings take the fall. Wake the hell up Congress; do your job and clean up corrupt management. They have to go!