Oct 3, 2018

Report On Confirmation Hearing

     Federal News Radio is reporting on yesterday's confirmation hearing on Andrew Saul's nomination to become Commissioner of Social Security. It's a more complete summary than what I gave yesterday.
     The Federal News Radio piece doesn't go into it but don't think that if Andrew Saul is confirmed that he'll have to vacate his office on January 20, 2019. Although the term the Senate is considering at this point only goes through January 19, 2019, the Social Security Act allows a Commissioner to stay in office after his or her term ends until a new Commissioner is confirmed. Even if the Senate is controlled by Democrats next year and refuses to confirm Saul for a full term, he would be able to stay in office for the rest of Trump's term as President. By the way, if Saul is confirmed for a full term, he'll be 78 years old by the time he finishes his term. Maybe he'll be able to do it but that's not the sort of thing you can count on.

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