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Apr 30, 2012

Electronic Medical Records For Wounded Warriors Press Release

     Social Security has sent out a press release touting a project to work with the Department of Defense to speed disability benefits to wounded warriors by increased efficiency in using electronic medical records.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Not to be too snide, but I for one have never found VA records to speed up anything. Impossible to read, impossible to figure out what is going on, and I really don't care how many time they have discussed smoking cessation with the vet or if they have their flu shot.

    9:16 AM, May 01, 2012  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Anon 9:16 should read the actual release. It does NOT deal with VA records. Rather, it covers DoD records from military medical facilities.
    It appears to be a worthwhile effort to speed up benefits for those who have suffered injuries while they served this country IMHO.

    11:14 AM, May 02, 2012  

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