Apr 28, 2012

Is This A Good Idea?

     Disability Judges is a website that offers statistics on waiting times for each of Social Security's hearing offices, as well as reversal rates for each office and for each Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The site also offers the opportunity to file anonymous comments about each ALJ.


Anonymous said...

Interesting website, I typed in the last names of three ALJ in my area, and there are approval rates of 39%, 53% and 59%. I was surprised by the disparity between 39-59%.

Knowing that, couldn't get me steered toward one judge or another, since who decides who gets what case?

Anonymous said...

Well, it's an opportunity to vent. Harmless, I suppose for people to post anonymous remarks. I've been to the site and no one has commented about me, but I suppose it's just a matter of time and an unfavorable decision.

But there's another issue I point out. According to statistics I've seen on ODAR sites, my pay percentage is higher than shown on the Disabilty Judges site.

And still another thought. About 10 or 12 years ago, an "old hand" ALJ told me he hoped we never had access to our pay and deny percentages because we may then be inclined to be true to the percentage. In other words, influencing ourselves to pay or not to pay a case based on the number of other cases we've paid or denied that month. It's a valid point and I deliberately try to avoid any thought of thinking of my percentages

Anonymous said...

Question: Who is behind this private web site?

Anonymous said...

It is egregiously misleading to include dismissals in calculating pay rate percentages.

Poor website

Anonymous said...

A complete and total rip off of ssdfacts.com and poorly done at that.

Anonymous said...

The really sad part is that some claimants believe this is a portal to judges and leave their contact information, including full name, address, and phone numbers. This is potentially very dangerous.