Apr 20, 2012

In Case You Were Wondering

     From a press item prepared by the Social Security Administration:
Q: How many Social Security numbers have been issued since the program started?
A: Since 1935, we have assigned more than 465 million Social Security numbers and each year we assign about 5.5 million new numbers. With approximately 1 billion combinations of the 9-digit Social Security number, the current system will provide us with enough new numbers for several generations into the future. To learn more about Social Security numbers and cards, visit www.socialsecurity.gov/pubs/10002.html.


Anonymous said...

The infor for the 2nd question is wrong. You don't need proof of age if you are only updating the CSP code on your Numident.

Q: How do I change my citizenship status on my Social Security record?

A: To change the citizenship shown on our records you need to:

Show us documents proving your age, identity and new or revised citizenship status

Anonymous said...

actually the Cert of Naturalization proves all three items (age, id, cit status) Therefore the answer is correct.