Apr 1, 2012

AARP Tries To Deny The Obvious

     The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), an insurance company that masquerades as a grass roots organization, is now denying that its "salons" with Social Security opponents signaled its openness to cutting Social Security. 
     Let me give a interpretation of the AARP "salons." AARP management knows that no one in Washington respects AARP or cares about AARP as an institution. AARP, however, knows that it is viewed as one of the main supports for Social Security and Medicare, that politicians of both parties believe that AARP can, on its own, block destructive changes to Social Security and Medicare. AARP can see what Republicans have been trying to do to labor unions, particularly public employee unions, since the 2010 elections. There is no doubt that Republicans have been trying to undermine the unions since they are seen as providing major support to the Democratic party. AARP management is afraid that the Republicans are going to come after AARP as a prelude to an attack on Social Security and Medicare and that the Democrats won't try to protect AARP, since they really despise AARP. Thus, AARP management wants to assure Republicans that AARP isn't really their enemy and won't really stand in the way of the destruction of Social Security and Medicare, especially if the destruction of Social Security and Medicare creates additional opportunities for AARP to sell insurance to older Americans.


Anonymous said...

Posts like this one make this site feel less like "Social Security News" as it does "Opinions on Social Security News." I appreciate the news aspect of this website, but this post adds nothing to the website and does not even facilitate conversation or discussion.

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise, you just figured out that this is a liberal left wing site that routinely erases any truth that disagrees with their ideals?? Just take a look at the Ringer posts. Ask them where the response to Nobbins disappeared to..

Nobbins said...

I don't mind opinion, but I wouldn't mind seeing a source or two listed here.

And I have to laugh at how a post that disparages the AARP, Republicans, AND Democrats is seen by conservatives as left-wing hackery.

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who characterize this as a tempest in a teapot. Because AARP actually had the nerve to invite proponents of benefit cuts to these "salons," (along with opponents of cuts) the Huff decided to gin this up into a conspiracy, despite the fact that even if AARP had a desire to stab their membership in the back, they would not decide to do it during a presidential election year. If AARP comes out in favor of benefit cuts in the future, give 'em hell, but until that happens, this is all silly speculation.