Apr 12, 2012

Tell Me About Sharepoint

     I notice that this blog gets some hits from Social Security's Intranet Sharepoint platform. Sharepoint is collaborative software which can be used either on an Intranet or over the Internet with password access. Sharepoint looks like it might be useful software for many organizations. How widespread is access to Sharepoint within Social Security? Does everyone have access to the whole thing or are there layers of access? How well does it work? Does most people like participating? How hard is it to set up a new collaborative effort within Sharepoint? Do you think it would be useful software for a professional group?


Anonymous said...

attorney at SSA...i have seen it used, but don't personally use it ever. I don't know what SSA uses it for.

Barbara said...

SSA only has the free version of SharePoint. I am a systems developer. My division uses it extensively. The administrator for each area is able to set the type of access for various users. I have full access to my branch's area within my division's site but I only have read access to the other branch's sites except where I've been given update access to certain limited areas. Access permissions/restrictions can be set as finely as on each individual item on SharePoint.

We store all project documents, meeting notes, requirements documents, system documentation, assignments.

How/if SharePoint is used is up to each organization.

Anonymous said...

From an intra-office standpoint, I don't see any difference between Sharepoint and a regular shared network drive, except for the fact Sharepoint has a user interface. It really serves no purpose unless an office devises ground rules and the employees are disciplined enough to follow them.

From an inter-office standpoint, I see much more effective use between users far from each other, ironically. Barbara is right that usage varies between user groups, quite widely I might add.

Anonymous said...

It is an outdated software that is basically used to produce web pages.