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Jul 7, 2012

Out Of Control Government?

     Council 220 of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), the union local that represents most Social Security employees, has posted its June 2012 newsletter, which includes the graphic posted above.


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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Total fed employee numbers are one thing, but that figure ignores deficit as percentage of total GDP and total national debt.

    11:55 AM, July 07, 2012  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Excellent point...in some other discussion, perhaps.

    12:27 PM, July 07, 2012  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Also, how much is the total federal payroll now as opposed to 1960? All those raises on the GS scale certainly affect how much the workforce costs, regardless of how many individual employees there are.

    11:56 PM, July 07, 2012  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Do these numbers count active military and/or miltary reservists? If so, the figures are meaningless.

    12:04 PM, July 08, 2012  
    Blogger Nobbins said...

    Why would adding a highly variable employment type, which is based on whether or not the nation is at war, help in determining the long term growth of government? Does your statement have any basis in fact or logic? If not, your post is meaningless.

    9:44 AM, July 09, 2012  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Up after 911.

    Close thread.

    12:06 PM, July 09, 2012  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I hope you people realize that this chart is not believable. According to the chart, in 1960, there was 1 federal worker for every 99 Americans, but in 2010 there was only 1 federal worker for every 147 Americans. That is not realistic considering the numerous government agencies, such as the EPA, Dept of Homeland Security, USAID, Federal Maritime Commission, EEOC, Federal Transit Administration, Federal Labor Relations Authority, Postal Regulatory Commission, OMB, NOAA, etc.

    6:31 PM, July 09, 2012  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Fiddlesticks. Most of the new agencies since then are small, and most of the functions were being done before 1960 to some degree. Think about population growth since 1960; that's the driver behind these numbers, not the number or composition of Federal agencies.

    9:22 AM, July 10, 2012  

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