Aug 22, 2007

Backlogs In Kansas

Some excerpts from the Lawrence Journal-World:

While waiting for his Social Security disability claim to be processed, Mark Reser’s children went without Christmas.

Debra Shirar — a one-time homeowner — has whittled her belongings down to $200 worth of clothes, family photos and a few pieces of antique furniture. She moved in with a friend. ...

Judge Frank Cristaudo, SSA chief administrative law judge, says the agency knows the backlogs are a problem.

“We are not satisfied with how long it does take to issue a hearing decision, but it is based on the fact that we just don’t have enough judges and staff to handle the receipts we have received over the last number of years,” Cristaudo said. ...

Kansas had an accuracy rate that was greater than 95 percent in dealing with the initial claims.

“On the front end, we do really well,” SRS spokeswoman Abbie Hodgson said.

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