Nov 7, 2008

Comments On Proposed Representation Regulations

Here are links to some of the longer comments filed on the proposed regulations on representation of claimants:
Today is the deadline for filing comments. You can post your comments online.

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Anonymous said...

Since Representative McNulty is concerned about the lack of review of claims by "highly trained" SSA representatives I hope he and his fellow Democrats can do something about the tremendous shortage of highly trained SSA employees. The office from which I retired in 2006 saw 27 of the 33 employees retire from '95 to '06 and had gotten down to a staff of 19. While the 2008 budget allowed them to hire a few people it takes years to train a claims representative and is difficult with so few experienced employees to mentor the new hires. Even if the budget were suddenly doubled it will take years for the agency to regain a core of "highly trained" representatives.